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As part of our portfolio, we have developed and hold different events, meetings, workshops and webinars within the framework of strengthening the Circular Economy ecosystem.

For the construction of these spaces we use innovative tools such as the Circular Design Thinking methodology of the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and Design Learning tools designed by W2W, which allow us to establish dialogues around the Circular Economy, Extended Producer Responsibility,  Circularity Index, Climate Change and Ecodesign.

We invite you to see the description of each event.

goods forum


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The Consumer Goods Forum sponsors spaces that promote knowledge management, collaboration between key actors and the strengthening of good practices, supporting its members and the market to move quickly towards sustainable production and consumption models.

Spaces are created around the collective construction that allows an accelerated adoption of Circular Economy models and the fulfillment of the Extended Responsibility of the Producer of
packaging and containers.

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First meeting

August 20th, 2021


Second meeting

September  3rd, 2021


Third meeting

September  17th, 2021




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The business Hackaton was organized with the GIZ and Ecoworks, it's the firts Encounter for Recycling Coo-mpetitiveness that seeks to promote spaces for communication and co-creation adding to the intention of strengthening trust in the recycling ecosystem.


We bring together recyclers, companies, the public sector and special guests in a constructive conversation using Design Thinking Circular tools that allow us to find solutions to specific challenges of different materials.


We invite you to see the gallery and download the memories where you will find a meeting full of creativity, artistic displays and the green entrepreneurship fair.

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First Hackaton

October 26th, 2021

Kaputt Club

L'Oréal event


Four workshops were held over two days, in which we accompanied L'Oréal on an Inspiration Journey, which explored the concepts and challenges of extended producer responsibility, we referenced the cutting-edge trends and practices in the world and formed the team through two Circular Design Thinking sessions where the end of life shelf product challenges and the circularity of the point of sale promotional material were addressed.


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Noviembre 11/2021

Resumen COP 26

c.e and climate change



December 10th/2021

Formulation of guidelines and prototyping

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